Shockforce is back!

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Shockforce is back!

Postby Eilif » Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:10 am

Shockforce 2nd edition is back, and it's pay-what-you-like!

Looks like some of the cartoons and art from the original book might be missing, but some of the art is there (including the rules illustrations), the layout is clear and we finally have a version of Shockforce with lots of supplied army lists! ... nd-Edition
I think Aaron (the creator) is hoping for $8 each (a real bargain), but he's set it at pay what you like.

For those who don't know, Shockforce is built around the "WarEngine" rules system which make up the core rules for Shockforce, GWAR: Rumble in Antarctica and Golgo Island. Shockforce includes lots of army lists, but it has all the WarEngine rules for creating your own units. In it's stock form, it's made to accommodate individual heroes, squads and small vehicles (Scout walkers, bikes, trucks, VERY light tanks, etc), but there are additional rules at the WarEngine Yahoo group for designing BIG vehicles.

I'm pretty stoked about this.  Shockforce is one of my favorite rulesets for fast play pulpy platoon level combat. For years the only way to get Shockforce was to join the Yahoo group and then there was just the rules on their own and you had to download separate official and unofficial army lists.  Now the whole thing, Rules, Army Lists, Unit Builder and even some background/fluff are all in one well-done package!

Here's to hoping I can convince you guys to give this a shot again sometime.

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Re: Shockforce is back!

Postby Michael S. » Wed Sep 14, 2016 5:30 pm

Hi Karl,
It sounds interesting. It may be a way to do postapocalyptic with figures and vehicles like I have been looking for. I would gladly pay $8.00 for this as long as I don't have to use Paypal.

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