Necromunda: Refreshing the campaign.

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Necromunda: Refreshing the campaign.

Postby Eilif » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:38 am

Opening a new thread to discuss our semi-long-running, occasional Necromunda campaign. "Lower Wacker Hive".

We've been running a campaign for a year or so now, but it's an occasional one. Maybe a battle every few months or so. Sometimes on game nights and sometimes side battles on off-nights. It's been a nice game to slide between other club games and campaigns and though I don't think anyone has gotten burned out on it, the number of active participants has definitely shrunk.

Rules and Campaign Tracking
We've been using the Necromunda Community Edition (NCE) rules from Yaktribe. ... ditions.3/
It's basically the Necromunda you're used to with alot of the imbalances evened out and vaguenesses cleared up.

I don't think we've kept strict track of all the games, but most of us have been keeping our gangs current at the campaign tracker page here: ... cker+Hive+

One-off games are ok, but I figure the campaign is occasional enough that adding games to the campaign is always worth it.

Addition of new Players
Anywho, to participate, new players would have to sign up at yaktribe and make a gang roster. Since the campagin has progressed a fair amount, I propose the following which is entirely open for debate and modification:

Each new player would get
-525 points to buy the members of their gang,
-500 credits for equipment
-One advance roll (and accompanying XP boost) for each member of their gang.
-To Ignore starting weapons list restrictions if they have a miniature with the weapon modeled on it.

Each current player that is short of those numbers can boost their gang to those levels.

This will probably still keep the top 3-4 gangs in their place, but being able to more carefully tailor ones choices for gangers and equipment should be an additional balancing element in favor of new players. If we do this and the gangs are still pretty imbalanced, I'm happy to discuss additional boosts and adjustments.

Gangs available for borrowing
For those without miniatures, haven't painted their gang yet or who need additional figs to bulk out their gangs, I've got the following painted gangs that I'm happy to bring to Necromunda nights. Each gang is 15-20 figs.
-Escher (this will probably be taken by Mattias when he returns)

Pics of all these gangs can be found on the blog... ... necromunda
...and as participants and readers of the blog know I've got a ton terrain for doing dense multi-level, Necromunda setups.

Let me know what you all think about this. I'm totally open for suggestions, requests, etc. It'd be great to have some more Necromunda players.

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Re: Necromunda: Refreshing the campaign.

Postby Fiveangels » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:31 am

Karl, thanks for putting so much thought into the matter, if the established players are reluctant to add new gangs, I will wait for a campaign reset.
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Re: Necromunda: Refreshing the campaign.

Postby Eilif » Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:35 am

You're Welcome!

We've been doing Necro rather rarely. I don't think anyone will be reluctant to add new gangs, on the contrary I think we all want new blood. It's just a matter of introducing them in a way that makes them somewhat competitive.

On the other hand if everyone wanted a reset, I'd be fine with that also.

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