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Fall Fantasy Campaign Planning

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:04 pm
by Michael S.
Edit By Karl June 22st
CSW Members:
Please review the thread and share your thoughts on a potential Fall Fantasy campaign that would nominally revolve around Kings of War, but would also include other fantasy games and have space for both regular and occasional attendees.

All questions and suggestions welcome, but please especially note:
- What rulesets you'd be willing or able to play
- whether you would likely be a monthly attendee or less often
- If you have a setting preference for a slightly modified Warhammer Old World or the Homebrew Quarra world we've used in the past.
-If an early Fall start is agreeable to you.
-What Factions, Warbands Or Armies you would want to participate with.

Mike has graciously agreed to run the campaign so let's give him all the support and information we can.

Lastly, There is the possibility of a second monthly game night starting in the Fall, but I'll start a separate thread about that later

Hi all,
Since we have been playing KOW, since Karl was gracious enough to have us start playing again at his place, I have been thinking about us doing a KOW campaign. There are a number of ways we could do one. As far as the background story is concerned we can use the world of Pannithor, the map / world that was created for our SOBH games a few years back or the old world of Warhammer Fantasy. If we don’t want to go with those, we can always put something else together.

For keeping track of the campaign one system I saw in the old General's Compendium from G.W. that I have is a map laid out in sections. Everyone would get one section as their starting ‘kingdom’ and play against others to expand their kingdoms. Each section could have a special benefit such as a mine which allows ore to pay for say one more unit when the player holds that section. I thought the map with markers representing each player looked cool.

We could even include skirmish games along with the KOW game. Say you wanted to attack someone's castle, you could play a skirmish game with raiders sneaking over the walls to open the gate for the army. Depending on if they did that or not certain benefits or deficiencies could take place and then the next game would be a full blown KOW game. If we include the ability for mixed KOW and skirmish games we have a number of options as well. We could use the Mantic fantasy skirmish game, Vanguard. We could use SOGH or maybe One Page Rules fantasy skirmish game.
Lots to think about. Let's throw out some ideas.

Re: KOW Campaign

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2022 7:05 pm
by Eilif
I love these ideas Mike.

I'm fine with whatever folks prefer for details, but here's my initial preferences.

-Warhammer old world as setting, possibly tweaked a bit if folks want to do something unique in regards to army/background/etc. Alternatively, it could be fun to revisit the world of our past campaigns.

-Other scope games are a great idea. I'm partial to Dragon Rampant and Song of Blades and Heroes, but I'd be willing to give various One Page rulesets a try and folks could use any rules they want.

-I always prefer to involve as many folks as possible. Theres perhaps room for folks without a large army or with less schedule availability to undertake missions for the ”major powers”. Maybe Chris wants to play some Brutal Quest, or Mattias would like to cook something up ...

Re: KOW Campaign

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2022 12:39 pm
by Michael S.
Hey Karl,
I like your idea of having players with smaller forces / less time undertaking missions with players who are ‘major powers’. This opens up all kinds of campaign ideas / development. Just going with G.W.s Warhammer Fantasy Old World, you can have a major power doing an expedition to Khemri, the Old World’s ‘Egypt’. From the Empire to Khemri you would pass through the land of the Border Princes. This is a lawless area with small independent ‘kingdoms’. A small mercenary band from a border prince could play as either a help or a hindrance to an expeditionary force. You could also have a small force helping as ‘guides’ for a larger power when they get to Khemri. These smaller forces could have a secret agenda of their own that they are working on. Love to hear some other players ideas.

Re: KOW Campaign

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2022 2:23 pm
by Eilif
That all sounds great! There's so many races in the old world and also some less-developed minor areas that we could easily involve most any army, including stuff like MIke's GoT and Tim's Tharks. Of course our homebrew Quarra setting would work well also.

This sort of mixed campaign probably has more overall value as a narrative than a precise measure of a player's ability, but that fits my preferences just fine, and we can always include a more basic tally of a specific player's Win/Loss/Tie record as we have in the past.

Would love to hear what others have to say.

Mike, do you have interest in being the organizer and record keeper for this campaign?

Re: KOW Campaign

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 10:01 am
by Michael S.
Hi Karl,
Yes I would be willing to be the organizer / record keeper for a campaign. Once others send in their suggestions / ideas I can start putting one together if you like.

Re: Fall Fantasy Campaign Planning

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2022 10:26 pm
by timlillig
I'm tentatively interested in a campaign. I'd be happy to do some quest locations for smaller skirmish games if you want to have armies dispatch a small group of heroes on an adventure.

Do you see this as being an every man for himself sort of thing, or having temporary or permanent alliances?

I like having a map, but if it is run like a board game, that raises some questions- Would I be restricted to fighting only my neighbors? Would it be possible to move through a territory without attacking the owner? Would it be possible for one person to be involved in multiple campaign battles on a turn while another person is not involved in any?

Re: Fall Fantasy Campaign Planning

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2022 3:27 pm
by Eilif
Those are good points Tim,
I love the idea of a small band of heroes engaged in a small yet consequential "missions, quest...thing."

I'd be interested to hear Mike's thoughts. My preference is for whatever system we come up with to not impede participation in any way. I like the map as a way of representing influence, success and power, but I would assume we can always contrive some means for a battle between two factions that might not be in map contact. Raids via waterways, dark enemies billowing up from underground burrows, Guerilla actions, internal strife leading to rebels "supported" by a faraway power, etc...

I'm fine with whatever Mike comes up with as far as alignment and alliances. I personally wouldn't see any problem with a player who doesn't have a big army to raid from one faction one day and fight as a mercenary for that same faction on another day.

My prefference is always for whatever gets the most people involved, having the most fun and makes the best stories.

Re: Fall Fantasy Campaign Planning

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2022 10:59 am
by Michael S.
Hi Guys,
As for Tims’ question, I was thinking that we would each play for ourselves, but if people wanted to form some alliance that would be possible too. The alliance could be for a major battle or it could also be for a small mercenary action.

I also like using a map, the more realistic the better. Here is my thinking on this, I loved the game of Risk since I was a child. The possibility of carving out a kingdom / empire was great. As I started playing miniatures games with my purchase of 40K Rogue Trader about 25 years ago I thought about blending the two. So I was thinking if we use a map we would incorporate landforms, if there are mountains you would have to work your way across them which could lead to some interesting scenarios. Rivers would need to be crossed and we could play some sort of boat / ship / raft sort of battle. If anyone is interested I have G.W.’s old Man O’ War game that could be used. There are other water battle games out there, some for free on the internet which could be used.

As far as fighting someone that is not adjacent to your area I will have to look into that. I have another old item, G.W.’s General's Compendium, which was almost entirely about campaigning. I will look into that and get back to you. If it seems like I was just a G.W. fan you'd be right until I met you guys and got into things like SOBH:) I think Karl has some good points on this. You may be able to reach someone by crossing a lake / ocean or some such. If you had a Skaven / ratmen force you could use the underground tunnels which cover the world we may use. If you have a heavy magic force, maybe a demon army, you could use a magic portal to get to your enemy.

I think that Karls’ idea about getting as many people into the campaign as possible is great. Using small forces would be a way for someone to get into the campaign without a heavy investment in miniatures. This would allow them to get more figures over time to add to their force and build on it.

Tim, I am sorry I was not sure about your question as to someone playing in multiple campaign battles on a turn while someone else is not involved in any. Did you mean if someone played a number of games while others did not play any? Thank you for the clarification in advance.

The ideas here are all open to discussion. I just wanted to put some ideas out there as a jumping off point.

Re: Fall Fantasy Campaign Planning

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2022 8:36 pm
by Jackswift
I would be up for a campaign. My answers are below:

- What rulesets you'd be willing or able to play: Fine to play whatever rulesets are agreed upon. Slightly biased towards KoW, but only because I have built out lists and tailored currently painted units towards that. The rulesets will make a difference in what list, troop types, etc. Can be used. Of course any rulesets I have not played will mean some learning curve up front
- whether you would likely be a monthly attendee or less often: At least monthly unless I am out of town or otherwise unable to attend
- If you have a setting preference for a slightly modified Warhammer Old World or the Homebrew Quarra world we've used in the past: No setting preference. Any of the mentioned settings work for me. I perhaps know the WHFB/WFRP world and lore a bit better than others
-If an early Fall start is agreeable to you:. Yes
-What Factions, Warbands Or Armies you would want to participate with: Either chaos dwarfs, or human samurai army (if I can paint up enough models

Will comment more as I have time. A great idea overall, and the skirmish idea is great. I also have several 28mm scale ship models to play if we decide to do sea battles, etc. Coastal raids, etc. Though some may need a bit of work.

Re: Fall Fantasy Campaign Planning

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2022 11:57 pm
by gattz
This all sounds pretty interesting, but I wonder if so many game systems are manageable and will still feel cohesive.

Has anyone read the Mighty Empires GW book? I believe it had some ideas for populating a hex-grid map with different features. :idea:

If I were to run a campaign of this scale, I would probably lay out a map with a hex grid overlay. Assign a "Conquest Points" value to each hex based on it's terrain type. As players win OR lose (to avoid a runaway effect), they would get a certain amount of conquest points and could purchase territory gaining benefits from that.
For instance, owning a forest tile might give them some sort of defensive bonus or ambush ability. Owning an ore-mountain tile might give them a slight offensive bonus or weapon upgrades. They would be able to purchase these tiles anywhere on the map to keep from isolating them and to encourage other players to contest them as they will. Once a player owns that tile, a challenger *must* face that player to claim it.

Perhaps gaining a cluster of adjacent hexes would reward them with some kind of campaign point, and lock that territory down, to also push the game towards having a "winner", and to entice players to battle one another just so they don't take that last tile.

The type of battle can be agreed upon by the players, or it could be set up as an escalation league. Start small skirmish and work your way up to the big stuff.

For rulesets, I think it's neat that OnePageRules has a sort of setup for RankNFlank, Sigmar-size battles, AND skirmish...all within the same basic structure, so I would learn towards something like that. I believe most of the Old World stuff is applicable in their lists as well...and it's free (sorta).