Journey: Wrath of Demons- Cheap Beastly Chaos!

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Journey: Wrath of Demons- Cheap Beastly Chaos!

Postby Eilif » Tue Oct 11, 2022 10:09 am

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For the cheapskate gamer, boardgames can sometimes be an excellent, if under-appreciated, source of miniatures. This has been the case for many years (there are a lot of 1990s Battle Masters figures in my Chaos/Varangur army), but as production values increase, boardgame figures are being produced that rival some contemporary wargaming miniatures. Such is the case with "Journey Wrath of Demons". It didn't exactly take the boardgaming world by storm, but it did produce some very nice hard plastic figures. The core game comes with Minotaurs of several types, Centaurs, a minotaur lord and a Demon Dragon which will be ...

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