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Postby Eilif » Thu Oct 26, 2023 10:52 pm

Wadtomaton wrote:I don't really have any forces made for it up to this point, but model wise, I have a bunch of space marines and orkz, so that is likely where I'd start.

I've been curious on standard Grimdark Future as well, Uncle Adam from Tabletop Minions has been looking at it a bit and mentioned it seems like the # of models needed to get a force up and running is a lot less for GDF compared to 40k, which is appealing for sure.

Standard Grimdark games are pretty close in size to 40k games.
As you suggest, Grimdark Firefight is much smaller, being closer in size to kill team. Personally, I love a big battle, but I'd certainly give Firefight another go.

No worries about not having a force ready yet for either game, we've got lots you can use until you get yours painted up. I've got Blood Angel and Dark Angel Marines, Imperial Guard, Tau and Necron on hand, and I know there are Orks, various shades of Chaos, Eldar and others out there among members.

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