Pre Auction sale. Lots of Boardgames and other stuff


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Pre Auction sale. Lots of Boardgames and other stuff

Postby Eilif » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:29 pm

Hey folks,
A batch of things that I wanted to get rid of. In a couple days these will go off to the Games+ auction, but I'd rather get cash from you good folks if possible even if it's a bit less than auction prices.

$12 each. 2 copies of the X-wing starter set.

$35 Secret Weapon Tablescapes Scrapyard Display Board- Four 12" plastic terrain squares plus border sections
Opened but unpainted.

$8 Dos Rios. Mayfair Boardgames

$8 Toledo Mayfair Boardgame

$10 Gloom in Space. Half price off the newest Gloom Game.

$10 Star Wars Return of the Jedi Sarlac Pit Game. Vintage game in ok condition Missing a couple pieces

$10 Adventure Time Munchkin

$7 Munckin OZ
Opened unplayed

$7 Munchkin Booty

$10 Risk Transformers

$6 Dread Curse
Punched Played once.

$8 Star Wars The Card Game by FFG.
Punched, Unplayed

$5 Star Wars TCG "Between The Shadow's" Expansion
NIB, unsealed

$4 Patrician Towering Glory
Complete, Unplayed

$3 Jetset Casino

$3 Summer Camp Card Game

$3 for both 4th Edition Eldar Codex and 2nd edition Ultramarine codex

$10 Warmachine Circle Oreboros force from 2 player Warmachine starter box.

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