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Review- Ancient Chinese Sacred Building by Watchful-I-Studio

While at Little Wars this year, I picked up the Ancient Chinese Sacred Building kit made by Watchful-I-Studio. They are a Chicago area miniatures company specializing in historical and fantasy Asian themed miniatures. This was an interesting kit, consisting of some very large resin pieces, as well as laser cut MDF and some thinner materials. ... Read more

What We Did Between Blogs (part 2- painting and modeling)

Last time, I discussed some of the gaming highlights since we put our blog on Hiatus.  Here are just a few of the painting and modeling projects CSW members have been working on. Josh has made some excellent scenic items, including this run down building.  Check out that stained glass over the door, this building ... Read more

From the workbench: Converted plastic mechs

A number of months ago I sat down one evening and hacked out a bunch of conversions of the inexpensive plastic mechs sold by EM-4 Miniatures, and this week I finally got around to photographing them. These are by no means finished, but I thought I’d share some of the possibilities hidden in these 20-year-old ... Read more

Pizza, plaster and paint: CSW hosts hobby night

Last week a few Chicago Skirmish Wargames members gathered at my home for an extended evening of hobbying. Drop-cloths descended, bins of supplies emerged from storage and we completely took over my dining room and kitchen. About midway through the evening we paused to order Chicago-style deep dish pizza from the place down the street, ... Read more

Still More Post-Apocalyptic Terrain

I’ve cleared a couple more terrain projects off my shelf relating to our forthcoming post-apocalyptic campaign. In a question posted on my previous article, a commenter asked which ruleset we were thinking of using. The answer is, we’re not sure yet. It might be Blasters & Bulkheads, but it might also be Neutron York 3000, ... Read more

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